About Even Flow ResourcesBrett Harris

What We Stand For

We embrace conservation and sustainability, and are inspired by natural, original, quality materials.

The wood we use is sourced in Africa, and is either indigenous and sustainable or exotic and invasive. Our Nguni cow horns are a salvaged by-product, and would otherwise have been burned releasing carbon gases. Animal hides, often unwanted by the hunting and meat industries, are cleaned and tanned allowing their natural beauty to be appreciated for many more years.

There is an increase in generic, poor quality ‘African’ products being imported from the East, where mass production of items has become the accepted norm, rather than an exclusive piece made by local hands using local resources. We would like to instil in our customers a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty, intricacy and value in everyday natural items around us, and a respect for the delicate balance of nature and how they impact thereon.

What We Do

Our aim is to bring authentic, inspired products to market in South Africa and beyond, and in doing so provide décor and furniture options that are high in quality, yet also affordable.

Our flagship lamp range, Glow Horn™, has been developed in-house, is manufactured by us and uses energy-efficient LED technology. We also offer a range of functional wooden and animal horn decor, best grade Nguni hides and game skins, medical grade sheepskins, a selection of leather and hide furnishings, tableware, cushions, cubes, ottomans, rugs, wooden decor storage boxes, small furniture items as well as an ever expanding catalogue of unique landscape, wildlife and travel images sourced from local artists and photographers printed on various high-spec mediums.

We develop and manufacture new products and keep an eye on the market for original items to source, thereby bringing fresh ideas and concepts to discerning customers. Partnerships are very important to us, and we are fortunate to have built up a great stable of trusted contacts and suppliers. We also offer a custom service for one off bespoke commissions.